The Chief Data Officer (CDO) works as a member of the Executive Team charged with enterprise wide governance and utilization of information as an asset. The CDO develops the data and analytics vision and strategy, promotes data sharing among groups, sets data policies and identifies opportunities to create and capture value from data. The effective CDO partners with other members of the C-Suite to fully leverage data as a strategic business asset.

The role continues to gain importance as organization leaders recognize the tremendous potential of data for making better decisions resulting in additional value creation. For many organizations, the path to the CDO remains ambiguous. The explicit set of career experiences to help prepare for being a CDO and effectively executing role practices are diverse and evolving and include technical competencies pertaining to data sciences and leadership competencies of senior executives.

We believe it will be essential for the CDO to be a trusted leader focused on increasing the value of data assets and improving organizational performance; a strategist in charge of supplying the organization with data required to achieve the business goals; a futurist who anticipates and acts on global, economic, and technological disruptions; and, an enabler who facilitates change through leadership, collaboration, and continuous improvement. This program will prepare individuals to effectively execute the responsibilities of the Chief Data Officer role, advance the data management agenda, and add significant value to the organization.

George Mason’s DataLab, an initiative of the College of Science, conducts multidisciplinary research and develops solutions on large-scale Data Analytics. DataLab content in Applied Data Sciences will be incorporated into the “Overview and Organization of Data Management” and “Leveraging the Data Asset” modules, providing program attendees with examples and solutions from real-world cases. Learn more about the DataLab.

2019 Program Dates Coming Soon. Check back this spring for updated program information and timelines.